Purchase College - 1st year graduate project

by Fidel Cuellar

Recorded for my 1st year graduate recital, for the Studio Composition Program, at Purchase Conservatory of Music, these tunes sum up my 1st year of work at school developing and searching for a personal sound.  Big thanks to all who helped out with this recording (credits below), and especially to all my teachers this past year who in one way or another contributed (conceptually or otherwise) to this experiment: Ted Piltzecker, Jakub Ciupinski, Du Yun, John Abercrombie.    

The compositions are an textural electroacoustic exercise, some building upon the standard jazz quintet  with multiple MIDI sequences, effects and synthesizers, and even the actual sound of my daughter's heartbeat, as heard through the ultrasound machine, while still in the womb.

Musicians: Fidel Cuellar (composition, programming, synths and live piano), Livio Almeida (soprano and tenor sax), Will Caviness (flugelhorn and trumpets), Luiz Ebert (drums), Ariel de la Portilla (bass), Chris Tunkel (percussion). 

Acoustic portion recorded at Purchase College Studios by Jeremy Kinney