Audiograph, my debut album, in partnership with Brazilian drummer Luiz Ebert, is now available!

Listen...what do you see?

Listen...what do you see?

Best Jazz Album  Best Song ("River")  Best Packaging  

Best Jazz Album 

Best Song ("River") 

Best Packaging


More than a jazz album, Audiograph is a collection of sound photographs, a call to see through our ears. Each song tells a story and evokes an image and a moment in time. Filled with textures, moods, and exploration.

Check out the album's website, there is plenty of additional information, photos, audio samples, and the work of six international artists who shared what they saw inspired by our music. 


Inventive, soulful, and surprising, with an impressive attention to detail in the ensembles. (...) One foot planted firmly in the past while stepping nimbly into the future of jazz music with the other.
— Eric Alexander
Audiograph is more than just a clever play on words (...) With six pieces delivered by a potent quintet (...) the set contains expressive performances with its robust horns and rich harmonies
— Mark F. Turner @ All About Jazz
Un lenguaje moderno que acaso recuerdan ecos del jazz europeo de vanguardia (...) el disco es fresco y es universal
— Rafael Serrano @ Jazz la Hora