Fidel Cuellar



The man and the stars

Conceived as a "blind movie", each track is a sonic picture, a scene that imagines the life of a man who's life revolves around a yearly magnificent event. 

(See news article that inspired the story).  


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All music by Fidel Cuellar

(Dell and Apple commercials are used for demonstration purposes only; they were not originally aired with Fidel's music.) 


All Music by Fidel Cuellar

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"Inventive, soulful, and surprising, with an impressive attention to detail in the ensembles. (...) One foot planted firmly in the past while stepping nimbly into the future of jazz music with the other."

- Eric Alexander

"Audiograph is more than just a clever play on words (...) With six pieces delivered by a potent quintet (...) the set contains expressive performances with its robust horns and rich harmonies"

- Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz


Audiograph Album Cover


A native of Bogotá Colombia, Fidel has lived in New York City since 2007. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from the City College of New York’s jazz performance program in 2009, andearned a Master in Music in Studio Composition in 2016, from the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College (SUNY), where he now works as a guest lecturer. 

Fidel’s stylistic versatility but distinct pianistic approach has put him in the radar of some of New York’s best jazz, latin jazz, and world-music musicians. Fidel’s recording credits include “Thoughts” by Jimenez, featuring the great Vince Cherico on drums and Ruben Rodríguez on bass. He has performed as bandleader and sideman in world-class venues and festivals such as Iridium, Joe’s Pub, The Knitting Factory, La Casita Festival at Lincoln Center, and the Encuentro de Músicos Colombianos at The Highline Ballroom and at Le Poisson Rouge.

He also serves as Musical Director for Immaculate Conception Catholic Church since 2015.  Also Catholic Underground. Algo del trabajo composición documentales...

"Cuellar’s piano, for some reason, called to my mind the technique and genteel approach of pianists Ahmad Jamal, Randy Weston, and Bill Evans. (...) Cuellar tends to arrange his music in ways that optimize the use of musical dynamics for affect and subtlety." Jorge Mateus, Grammy-award winning producer


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